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Riddler, Riddler, Ask Me Why

The Birds Fly Free on a Mackeral Sky

Aiden Mori
4 December
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This is a jointly munned RP journal, alternately manned by Kat (darkjediprinces) and Alan (jayiin). We may occasionally do Relay RP with tags. Posts will usually indicate the original writer with either a "[KAT]" at the beginning or an "[ALAN]". :)

"I thought you said fire was aggressive. You're not aggressive." "No, but fire can also be relaxing, comforting, can it not? Think of a lit candle, or a hearthfire. That's what I am."
Age: 28
Birthdate: 20 December
Status: Alive
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Present Occupation: Layabout
Past Occupation: Sorcerer and Archmage
Location: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Strengths: Incredibly smart. Wide range of knowledge on the supernatural and magic. Thinks outside the box.
Weaknesses: Unfamiliar with technology. Unfamiliar world. Occassionally found to be annoying by others. Horribly nearsighted without his glasses.

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- Bisexual
- He's an evoker (a specialist in the school of Evocation). His forbidden schools are Necromancy and Conjuration. Sorcerers get to choose two forbidden schools if they decide to specialize. Aiden thought Necromancy was repulsive, and that he wouldn't have much use for Conjuration, so he chose those two.
- Asks questions in a very persistant manner.
- Devours new knowledge like it's very good food.
- His name means "Firey Forest". At least, it does in this world. Aiden is Gaelic for "Firey" and Mori is Japanese for "Forest". His first name likely means the same thing back home, but as to what his last name means in Antis-Ethium, no-one really knows.
- All Atlunovans have shock-white hair with lowlights of varying colours. If you look closely enough, Aiden's lowlights are blue.
- There was a time when all Atlunovans could use arcane magic, but after the war with Virilana, at least half of the citizens lost their ability to use magic. The same war caused the shock-white hair to become a genetic trait of Atlunovan citizens.
- Atlunova is a democracy, but it still has many of the same prejudices as the rest of the world. Aiden is one of few who whole-heartedly disagrees with those prejudices.
- A lot of the world of Antis-Ethium, the magic, and the cosmology, was based on Dungeons & Dragons.
- Aiden very much enjoys drawing and writing by hand. He kept a very detailed journal of the events in his life and the lessons he learned in school. He's also an excellent graphite artist; he does most of his drawing with a pencil and blank paper, using crosshatching for shading.-
Played By: Alexis Denisof
Originally From: Heart's Discord
Copyright Goes To...: Kat O'Brian (the Mun), © 2006-8.
Layout By: Aiden's Mun
Header By: Aiden's Mun
Profile Header Quote From...: Heart's Discord, Aiden telling Rori how he thinks of himself.
Resources: Excentric's Baroque Dividers, Graphite Brushes by K3lit0, Texture 20 by isnan-stock, Ornaments by daughterofsnape
Contact Kat: DarkJediPrincess@gmail.com (E-mail, GChat, & MSN), AnimeGoth23 (AIM)
Contact Alan: (Info will be here shortly)
Other Characters: Eloi Laurent, Zelgadis Graywords, Morona Rainer, Revan Onasi, Commander Shepard, Ciara Emrys, Methos, Neil O'Connell, Zuko

- Aiden enrolls at the Atlunovan Academy of Arcane Magic at the age of 12. His older sister, Alina, enrolls under a full scholarship and false name at the same time.
- Estan Kyrindor, Aiden's roommate, accidentally casts a premonition spell from a scroll while Aiden is asleep. Aiden dreams about Rori as a result.
- Aiden and Estan engage in a semi-serious relationship at the age of 15 and 16. They eventually decide they're better friends than lovers and break it off.
- Alina leaves AAAM and joins the Atlunovan National Guard.
- Aiden and Estan graduate. Aiden leaves to travel the world while Estan enters the ANG as Alina did.
- A demon places a curse on Aiden, forcing him to wander from place to place. If he stays in one place for too long, he becomes increasingly anxious and eventually physically ill.
- Aiden finishes wandering Atlunova and travels south into Virilana
- Aiden, Enin, and Rori meet in Eriford, and Aiden begins travelling with them.
- Aiden has his first encounter with a Linlean Monk, Imarn, in Greenhaven.
- Caiman steals Rori's katana while the group is trying to capture his gang of thieves on a job.
- Aiden, Rori, and Enin receive a job from Rori's hometown of Aelgate, leading them into Norholt after a demonic artefact. Caiman receives a job to steal the artefact from the group before they can bring it back to Aelgate.
- While in a demiplane looking for the artefact, Aiden runs across a copper dragon egg and adopts it.
- Aiden is possessed by a demoness named Eawenna, who purposefully reveals his growing feelings for Rori to her in order to torture her emotionally.
- Eawenna is exorcised, and after Aiden recovers, he promises Rori that he'll do anything in his power to help her keep control away from her demon half, Lorenna.
- The group fights off a Virilanan governor who has gotten ahold of the demon artefact. During the battle, the dragon egg hatches and the wyrmling inside bonds with Aiden as his familiar; he names her Rhindani. Lorenna, Rori's demon half, seizes the artefact for herself.
- The group are declared exiles, and flee to Aiden's homeland of Atlunova. Aiden and Estan are reunited, as are Aiden and Alina, briefly.
- The group are shuttled between the rest of the nations of Antis-Ethium to help ward off the Virilanan Knights now chasing after them; in Linlea the group learns of the demons' invasion plan, and in Afraia they meet a group of rebel half-demons bent on stopping it.
- Rori's father Aurius kidnaps her and tries to turn her evil; the group rescues her and, in a fit of anger, Aiden brings Aurius's entire fortress down around his ears using magic, demonstrating the amount of sheer power Aiden has.
- Rori's katana breaks just before crossing into Eraia. She gets it fixed and enhanced in their capital.
- The demon invasion kicks off just as the group arrives in Erimill. They hold it off and manage to make the Abyssal armies retreat. Aiden overuses his spells and faints.


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